Snapshot Pattern Jay


Scandinavian Birds in the US!

We are proud to announce that our wallpaper designs Pattern Jay and The Last Emperor are now included in the collection of  Nordic design at Philadelphia Museum of Art in Pennsylvania, USA.

Hand picked by the Associate Curator, Donna Corbin and Curatorial Fellow for European decorative arts and design, Colin Fanning our wallpaper design Pattern Jay

is also a part of the exhibition Nordic Lights (23 may – 4 oct. 2015) featuring some of the best new and classic design objects, furniture, tableware and textiles from the Nordic countries.

Image courtesy Philadelphia Museum of Art, photographer Timothy Tiebout.


Scandinavian Surface has designed pattern for new Jordan Individual Toothbrush Collection 2015.
«The fresh and clean nordic and arctic nature is inspiring for us. The Norwegians love the outdoor life, and to bring nature indoors as well.
And a bit of humor is never wrong ; )»

“Translucent Wall”.
Wall art for Isolation Ward. St Olavs Hospital, Trondheim
Opening the wall toward the outside world.
Creating a virtual view. Trees, forest landscape combined with geometric patterns invites the observer to imagine and recognize. A land for your eye to wander.
Translucent as an aquarel.
Animals and birds are adding life and offer an activity for your eye and mind.

Writing “poems for Isolation Ward” was an important part of the process.

Falling from the birch leaf
the raindrop had
a taste of forest.

Scandinavian Surface has designed pattern for new Jordan HomeCollection 2012.

Scandinavian Surface have designed new throws and cushions for Norwegian manufacturer Rørostweed.

“FROST” is inspired by the nordic summer where sudden cold nights may cover the wild flowers with a hint of frost…