Objects found…

Objects found…..

Tidying up a rustic property established in 1937 is fascinating. Numerous items from all decades turn up in- and outside the house and shed. A antique Haid&Neu sewing machine has, sadly, sewn its last stitch. A miniature garden has created it’s own eco system inside a jam jar.

This really big and beautiful canvas sailboat sail was tucked away in the shed loft, and a magnificent large sea map printed in 1938 was found rolled up in the attic. You can see our nearest red and white striped lighthouse “Hellisøy fyr” up left. Our wallpaper “Bohemian birds, light” has this windy, breezy feeling reminding us that fabulous winds cross  the ocean from far places. Ship O’hoi!


A broken crystal vase can still hold the small wild daffodils that suddenly appeared in the yard. Last year’s tiny bird nest was found hidden away in a small spruce tree. Hopefylly the feathery architects are back, building a new one this year.

Pink, beige and pale red wallpaper “Hexagon, pink” would look perfect together with the finest medicine cabinet we have seen. This one will keep up the good work filled with band-aid and antiseptic fluid. Renovating means a lot of small scrathes and wounds…

Old and intricate tools was found in the shed. An old brass key is “all dressed up and nowhere to go”. Want to learn “English by the nature method”? – Of course! The old song book seems well used. Maybe singing has filled this house for 75 years? We will certainly continue that tradition