October tales.

October tales.

Darling little dog Ida is moving from far north Lyngenfjord to west coast city Bergen. A 1781 kilometers drive!
But don´t worry, driving through Norway in October is like an explosion in colours.
Defined by all tree types and vegetation: Amber, gold, lemon yellow, rasberry red, chestnut brown, silver, mauve… you name it, we got it!
And if you ever visit Skibotn village make sure to try the swing overlooking the Lyngenfjord!

Crisp mornings at the Lyngenfjord coastline reveals intricate patterns in stone, lichen, shells and seaweed (wich also tastes great raw).
The Lyngen alps are visible on the other side of the fjord.
Its chilly, but we have dark chocolate and a thermos containing expresso…so who´s complaining

On a trip near the Finnish border we detect a former waterfall. Soft curvy wave patterns show where water has flowed for maybe millions of years.
The ground is beautifuly decorated celebrating autumn.
Our wallpaper design “Autumn In the Woods” is perfect for bringing out the mood of the season.
But now its time to begin our looong roadtrip!

After 5 hours drive we are finally on the ferry in Nordland county.
The fjord is surronded with softly shaped but chisel hard mountains.
So steep and polished by rough weather that hardly anything growes there.
The green ferry iron floor reminds us of the wallpaper design “Mosaic Green” formed by thousands of small watercolour squares.

The Polar Circle next! Strange place now. We are quite alone.
The center is closed and the hords of tourists that usually visit
is nowhere to be seen. COVID-19 even reaches every remote place in Norway.
Only hundreds (thousands?) small cairns remind us that people have been here.
We build a cairn ouselves before we drive on…


Day 4 we drowe throug breathtaking landscape Beitostølen and Valdresflya at Dovrefjell, 1389 meters above sea level.
Finally we are approaching the west coast!
We have a brief stop at Borgund stave church in Laerdal wich may be the best preserved stave church in Norway.
It was buildt sometime between year 1150 and 1200.
Only hours later we reaced Bergen city.
It didn´t rain! And all agreed that it had been a very nice trip!