We live in Norway

SCANDINAVIAN SURFACE is run by the designers Åsne Midtgarden, Ann-Tove Engenes and Kristine Dybwad. Since the upstart in 2004 they have worked with wallpaper design, product design and graphic art. They have also run a design store in Bergen selling graphic prints and retailing high quality design products from around the world.

For 14 years all Scandinavian Surface wallpaper collections have been perfectly manufactured and distributed worldwide by Swedish Photowall AB. They produce all their products with the highest precision, quality, and sustainability; plus they offer superb customer service.
You can find Scandinavian Surface wallpaper designs in private homes all over the world. Their collections are also a favourite to hotels, embassies, restaurants, schools and hospitals in many countries.
The designs are modern and original with a classic Scandinavian quality.
With their background as textile artist they create a graphic world based on a method of adding layers of images, patterns and structures, building complex compositions with details and depth.
The inspiration for the team is the wild and divers, beautiful, strong and fragile Nordic nature and landscape.
Based in Bergen, Norway, the designers are always on the outlook for remarkable colours, patterns and forms in their surroundings, finding inspiration in the ever-changing scenery and dramatic nature.

Scandinavian Surface has developed a collection of graphic prints under the label Fabelflora.
The collection is printed by high quality Giclée method, on cotton rag paper in a limited number.

Scandinavian Surface is

Ann-Tove Engenes
Kristine Dybwad
Åsne Midtgarden